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Monday, September 27, 2010

Changing Form....

"What would my life be like if I had as much faith in what's falling apart as what's growing?"

- Lynn Kapitan

Today I am grateful.....

I am grateful for the uncomfortable anxious moments that have so cleverly squeezed their way into my last few days. I am grateful for the penetrating ache that has reached me from head to toe- reminding me that yes pain is real sometimes. I am grateful for the tidal wave of tears that have flowed so effortlessly out of my eyes. I am grateful for the experience of human emotions that remind me so lightly that I am among the living.

Tonight I knew it was imperative that I open my heart and do some writing! I was looking at my sister-n-law's vibrant blog when I discovered the quote at the top of this was perfect!

Over the past few days I have felt very overwhelmed, almost like I was made of ash and if you touched me with even the tip of your finger, I would fall apart!

I sat in front of my alter and got quiet and the message I heard was “Your growing”. When something grows, it expands and it takes on new form. Like a snake shedding old skin, I am growing and expanding into my true Self.

Nothing really ever falls apart; it just changes form…..

My love for you keeps growing every second!

In Love & Service,


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  1. Bff! beautiful post. at the end of summer semester in one of my classes we did a closing activity and gave adjectives to describe each classmate to add to a flower of ones they already wrote down, and my friend (i found out later) gave me "growing". it was so meaningful and important to me to have the reminder and acknowledgement as I continued on this path into the field of therapy and psychology. it has stayed with me and I remember it everytime I go to my intership and classes. Anyway! just wanted to share that. I miss you!