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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Piece Of The Puzzle

Hi Lovelies!

Today I was privileged to learn some very beautiful things about what exist in the hearts of others! It was cultural presentation day in one of my classes, where everyone shared a little piece of what life looked like for them and I was thrilled to be apart of the experience. No matter how different everyone approached the front of the room, each had a unique and delicate piece of the puzzle to be joined together.

No piece was the same, some were the corner pieces,the edge pieces, and some belonged in the middle. The magic was that no matter what size, color, shape, and form the piece was in- each one fit!!

Want to know a secret? The piece we all carry is rooted in the heart and the puzzle is love.

I hope to help put this puzzle together, the more pieces we have the more love we will infect and connect as a whole!

You hold a magnificent piece to the puzzle, so what are you waiting for?

Love, Love, and more love,


P.S- When you connect to the is everywhere!

1 comment:

  1. Sir,
    I love your "love puzzle" concept. Everyday I thank the universe for meeting one of the connecting pieces of the puzzle, you, my best friend.

    You're very right in saying that no matter the differences in the pieces, that we all miraculously fit together. :]

    Once again, you're infusing the world with your love and joy and I am so grateful that so many get to experience that.

    I miss you dearly.

    With love