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Friday, July 23, 2010

Discovering Self

I grew up very needy for everything outside of me, continuously trying to stick a square peg inside a round whole. Always going around looking for "that" or "this" to guide me towards a sense of Self. It was as if someone was walking around with my missing puzzle piece and I was incomplete until it was recovered.

I close my eyes in this moment and let the sense of Self that is gently tapping at my heart flow to every cell in my body...sending mysteriously familiar goosebumps to my surface. In this moment I recognize that everything that I seek outside of myself can only be discovered within. It is when I am still and guided within that I feel ultimate belonging and infinite bliss.

These moments come to me in Puja, meditation, writing, Kirtan, and spiritual practices. When I do these activities that I am passionate about, I am aligning myself with the love and true infinite self that resides within my heart. What a beautiful feeling and how I would love for it to last, yet the ache of the pureness of this joy and love become overwhelming. As, a teacher once spoke to me "You are spirit and spirit can sustain anything". I guess that one hasn't sunk in yet!

Do you have these moments of pure bliss and love? Ya know where your heart aches oneness, your body tingles with stillness, awareness quiets your mind, and love is all you know. These are the moments that make you want to sing at the top of your lungs, dance like no one is watching, skip with a child like innocence, and smile as if the world depends on it.

NOW is the only your passion...follow your bliss....and fall in love with everything!

With all my Love,


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