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Monday, March 29, 2010

Serenade Your Soul...

Tonight I serenade my soul to the beautiful new Krishna Das CD Heart As Wide As The World I just received.

This CD delivered a little lesson in patience to me before its arrival. I pre-ordered the CD and anxiously waited for the release date and for it to me mailed to me. Each day I would arrive home and search the house to see if it had been delivered. One evening my step dad asked what I was waiting for, so I explained and he said "patience" and I said " I have none".....

One month CD has arrived....and yes the wait and lesson in patience makes listening to it that much sweeter!

Loving my breathwork/meditation room by the way....tonight I layed in the middle of the room while serenading my soul...amazing how hearing KD sing instantly brings me back to Hawaii and the Ram Dass retreat. I can't help but cry tears of ecstasy remembering the week of bliss we spent among beautiful souls!

What's serenading your Soul??

Love & Peace...


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