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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Follow Your Dreams, Dance In Your Passion...

This is dedicated to the ONE I love...

I am very eager to share that I am writing this blog from my beautiful new home in St.Louis! I am totally in love with the vibes and character this space is filled with. I almost settled for something that was pretty and new, but I managed to find a little bit of recycled patience and Babaji led me to this incredible space!!

So what's my favorite part of the new house? The meditation/breathwork room of course!

Here are some photos of the space...I will be adding a much bigger alter shortly!

I get very excited about the new changes to my life, as I feel each experience on this journey is connecting me with my passion and the Divine in everything. Change is always occurring and I do my absolute best to go with the flow and remain in happiness and gratitude. My friend is always saying that the alternative doesn't appeal, so he chooses to stay happy and in the now. I think that is a great outlook!

Speaking of change, right now is a time of many many big shifts throughout the world. One thing I am tuning into is the drastic career changes some are making. I have witnessed people who have lost their jobs and moved into a direction that fulfills their passion. I feel everyone should do what they are passionate about...and don't worry jobs will get done....some people are passionate about recycling and proper waste management in the environment as others are passionate about bringing therapy through the arts to heal.

Fear invites itself in to get in the way when some are on the edge of their passion or divine purpose....overwhelmed by uncertainty they hold back. There is a great quote by Fritz Perls, "Fear is Excitement without the Breath". I read that and let out a big "TOTALLY"!!

Follow your dreams, Dance in your passion!



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