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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let Your Heart Break Open..

Hi Beautiful Blessings...

Yes too long since I have written...and though I think of this blog and you often...I have been pretty reluctant to writing. Tonight in my meditation something sparked my heart and I knew it was time to resume the blog.

Speaking of hearts...I am currently reflecting on the expression "Let Your Heart Break Open"...

I sat at my alter tonight in tears of gratitude for all that is and has ever been. I got a brief slideshow of my past three years on this journey and all the times I have sat at my alter in various states of being. I have found myself in tears during meditation in the past three months, more then ever before. Frightened and fearful of this in the beginning, I have now come to accept that it is just my heart breaking open.

With every tear I allow my ego to dissolve and allow the flow of love and awareness to open me up. I do my best to surrender all of my fears and emotions in that moment and trust that spirit will infect me with the bliss. I don't quite understand all of the heartbreak that has occurred on a conscious level, but when I close my eyes and turn within...I am overcome with the most powerful feeling of complete understanding. It is a knowing in the heart, that everything leading up to this very moment has been in perfect Divine order.

Nothing could ever change how much I love you....unconditionally...forever and ever!

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