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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Dance!

Kalispera, as they would say in Greek! I just watched a movie about Greece and have every intention to visit that beautiful & magnificent country someday soon!!

I know I have slacked off a bit in the blogging world, to think If I was striving to make this blog a hit.....I would have to post 3-4 times a day. I personally just blog when I feel inspired to share some spiritual gibberish when the moment sparks!

This week has been all about discovering patterns and negative thoughts I have attached myself to like gorilla glue. I hit a speed bump of grief early this week and it has been dragging behind me ever since. Grief is a very heartbreaking,uncomfortable, and a rather disturbing state of being....yet in this state one can can have the most beautiful spiritual awakenings. So, as uncomfortable as it is I will sit with my grief, offer it a cup of tea, and trust it will be packing up soon.

If you experience grief...happiness is bound to be lingering around somewhere right? As it says in the Tao Te Ching: Being and non-being create each other.Difficult and easy support each other.Long and short define each other.High and low depend on each other.Before and after follow each other. So breathe easy and know that with this grief will one day come joy,happiness, and the wholeness that seems so far away.

Something fun I wanted to share before wrapping this up...My friend Pam and I are in the process of helping organize a transformation movement weekend with Roger Sams. Sunday while brainstorming, I came across a poem Roger Sams wrote and shared at a past workshop. I don't have the poem to post right now, nor do I have Roger's permission yet- but look for it in a later post. The gist of the poem was all bout dancing in whatever life throws at you. One of the lines talks about even dancing in your own blood & I was so moved by that!

This past weekend I attended a fundraiser dance event and observed everyone dancing in state of bliss. The beautiful thing about dancing is it is almost impossible not to smile. When we dance we let off such a high vibrational frequency that only allows good to flow in that matter what the outside circumstances are! Tonight I was reminded in the Greek film how important it is to dance. The actor was talking about how in the Greek culture they dance no matter what- rain or shine!

I leave you with a quote from my favorite song-

" You can't dance and stay up tight, it's a supernatural delight. Everyone was dancing in the moonlight".

Loving you just because!!


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