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Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Breathe.....

As they say in Australia, Good Day Mates ;)

Recently I have received a lot of questions and interest regarding my new certification as a breathworker. I am very excited that it has attracted many of you to ask questions!! So here are the basics:

Breathwork (rebirthing) is a conscious circular breathing technique that clears all negative thought patterns. This breathing is a very powerful spiritual purification technique that can clear stress, pain, birth traumas, traumatic events, and death urges.

Have you found yourself in the same situation multiple times and you are wondering how you got there...AGAIN?!?! We as humans are habitual creatures and we will repeat a pattern until we have recognized what thought we have attached to it....and then we are ready to release it. For example: say as a child you were adopted and attached the thought that "you are not wanted or good enough". The thought "I am not wanted" has now become your personal lie. Now as an adult you may have trouble completing things, failed relationships, and a hard time accepting yourself.

Through a rebirthing session you breathe out your negative thought patterns, discover their attachment, and release them out your body. It is very similar to defragmenting a computer, you are clearing out all of the bugs and creating free space. It is a very powerful technique that will expand your heart and change your life!!

If you are interested in a session and are in the St. Louis area you may contact me 314-471-5639. For all my extended readers....I have a directory and would be happy to refer you to a great breathworker in your area.

Thought I'd share a picture of my Liberation Breathing School Training Class...

With a Deep Breath...



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