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Friday, January 8, 2010

In The Show Me State

Hi Beautiful Light Beings,

Happy New Year and abundant blessings to you all in 201o.

I am very excited to start this New Year with new discoveries in rather familiar places. I have been searching outside for something that has been inside all along.

As many of you know I am currently taking a rest here in Missouri with my family, before I embark on India and other amazing places on this planet!! I was a little bit hesitant for coming and staying longer then a week, but every direction I turned I was guided gently back to St. Louis the "Show Me" state. So here I hasn't been the easiest I wish to make analytical sense of everything....learning a lesson of "being" instead of "doing".

Since the blog is called In Love & Service...I'd like to share an awareness I came to the other day and will implement into my New Year affirmations.

The other morning I work up and started my day in a completely chaotic state! I believe the cold pissed me off, then I moved onto to cell phone problems and vomited a mess of words to the service rep...which was completely irrelevant to the situation. Then I proceeded to beat myself up for everything that I had not yet accomplished in 2010....after all It had already been 5 days! Silly right? Well as a human I fully accept the crazy moments life may bring, but I don't have to stay there and I can continue to seek a higher conscious connection with source!

As I was driving later in the day the message came to me.....If I would make the conscious decision every day upon opening my eyes to serve in EVERYTHING.....the rest is taken care of. A huge sense of relief came over me and I felt fear being gracefully dismissed. If we are always serving in all of our affairs then we will never need to be concerned with anything else! So my friends I continue on my journey to serve humanity!!!

Thank You Shiva for the beautiful puja tonight & many blessings to Danielle for coordinating the event!! Best of luck Danielle with the new studio!! If your in St. Louis and looking for some yoga from the heart check out D's Yoga!!

Smothering you all with my love ( in a good way!!)

Let the journey continue.......

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  1. I Love that you started a blog! good words my dear bff.