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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Power of Pele

Hi Friends!!

My what an amazing month it has been! On December 2nd I said my farewells to LA and headed on the plane with my friend Kevin to The Big Island. Sitting on the plane I reflected on the moments that lead me to that point and I sat in gratitude and excitement for my new adventure.

My first day of Kona was filled with yummy food, lots of sunshine, new discoveries, and fresh air!! Kevin and I cruised the coast to South Kona jamming to great tunes in the convertible- so much fun! We arrived to Ahh Paradise and met two of our training buddies Jules & Genevieve
who traveled all the way from Australia!!

Let the adventures begin- Jules,Genevieve,Kevin,& I hopped in the car and got to know each other on the 2 hour ride to Volcano. We stopped along at Point of Refuge & a black sand beach which had the most gorgeous Lilly pond in it's backyard!! We arrived Kilauea Volcano National Park and TuTu Pele ignited our hearts. The four of us gave up fear and hiked to the edge of the lava rock overlooking the ocean to meet TuTu Pele. The moment I looked off in the distance and saw Pele I spun into a spiritual high.

Level One Liberation Breathing was a great success! I uncovered, discovered, and discarded lots of things in the training!! My training buddies were a lot of fun and I learned something special from each one of them. Many thanks to Sondra Ray & Mark Sullivan for their time and dedication to bring breathwork all around the world. If anyone is interested in a complimentary session, let me know!!

After spending a beautiful week in Kona, I hopped islands to Maui. I took the shuttle to Naplil Kai where I spent a week at the Ram Dass- Open Your Hearts In Paradise retreat. I got to be of service, meet some new satsang family, attend yoga with Saul David Raye, meditation with Therese Fitzgerald, kirtan every night with Krishna Dass, and received darshan and had lunch with Ram Dass. It was truly a week in paradise!!

Australia has been added to my travel list, can't wait to connect with Laura, Jules, and Marcus again.

I have now arrived in Missouri where I will spend the Holidays with my family and prepare for a trip to India in March. If you interested in going to India, check out Sondra's web page.

Thank You Pele for inviting me to Hawaii and leading me on a magical adventure!!

So much love & blessings to you all!!

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