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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pain Is The Greatest Teacher

Sometimes the moment can be uncomfortable....

Those moments when your heart is aching, or something pressing is on your mind and your body begins to react with all of those unpleasant physical symptoms. Or maybe anxiety has grabbed you and it feels like you are stuck and falling down the hole of endless ache.

The good news? No moment is ever the same, every time you blink you create a new experience. With the unease and ache, comes a tremendous opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Within every life experience lies a lesson, which can only be discovered by living it. Isn't that what you came here for?

I am not sure why abuse is experienced in relationships, why some lose their partners at an early age, why some experience heartbreaks multiple times, why some kids make fun of others, and why sometimes life just seems confusing and unfair....

What I do know is that I have experienced the uncomfortable feelings of the above and it is why I am able to write this message to you. Going through those experiences have formed me into all that I am today. I am grateful for the uncomfortable not-so-fun moments, because without them.....I am not sure if I would have ever met myself.

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