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Friday, October 8, 2010

You Inspire Me

Tonight's post is a simple post of gratitude, Thank you Universe and all the beautiful human's that make this experience amazing!

I decided to share with you the 5 people who have inspired me in the past it goes! If you ever get a chance to meet these people, you will be blessed! They are all definitely ahead of their time!

Becky- Tab was totally right when she said "How did they manage to fit so much awesomeness inside someone so tiny". That describes the adventurous, free-spitted, spark of light inside of you very accurately! Your impact is right up there with those beautiful firework shows people watch on the 4th of July. In fact, remember when we driving and caught a glimpse of a fireworks show on the side of the road....I highly doubt that was just a coincidence! Becky, you inspire me and the world- don't stop have reminded me that everything already exist within! There is a whole world waiting to be discovered- step lightly!

Sir Brock Stone- The world shines brighter with you in it! You are a genuine representation of the future leaders of America. You came into this world with a special kind of vision, the ability to see through separation. This is a powerful gift and you will open many hearts and minds with it! You amaze me everyday with your courage and dedication to create a different kind of society, the kind of society that loves and accepts EVERYONE just the way they are! You inspire me to let go of fear and dive courageously into the sea of life! Just like water, you are refreshing and their is plenty of your love to go around! Wherever you go in life, continue to love freely and the Universe will give you everything you dream of!

Isabela- I admire your courage to follow your dreams! You are young, though age is just a number, you will do many powerful things in your lifetime. I am inspired by your deep faith and trust in the Universe, it brings me a lot of peace. Listening to you speak fills me with joy and reminds me of my dreams and desires! You are a true visionary and I know you will use this gift along with many others, to spread love and goodness to the world. Keep listening to your inner voice, let it be your guide!

Angelica- Your eagerness to seek the truth in all things is very ambitious! I am inspired by your enthusiasm to learn and create a successful life for yourself. I see the world traveler in you and I think we will definitely have to travel together some time! Your honest and authentic approach to life shines very bright and reminds me to stay honest with myself and the world around me! You are going to be a super successful woman and everyone is blessed to know you.

Roxanne- I felt very grateful to sit across from you at Kirtan the other night, you were illuminating love! I am so glad our paths have crossed again, seeing how much you have expanded and grown in the past few years really reflects how dedicated you are to YOU! I am inspired by your commitment and dedication to yoga. You have always carried a high energy with you and your smile glows like the sun.

Aren't I lucky to meet such GREAT people?

Feeling the love,


1 comment:

  1. Erin, thank you for your kind words. I feel very honored to be included among those who have inspired you. Thank you. For seeing me and for reminding me that I am meant to live my life with passion and purpose. Keep sharing your love and beauty with the are wonderful and I am blessed to know you. :)