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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Faith vs Fear

Tonight the page in A Course In Miracles reads...

"Put all your faith in it, and God himself will answer you."

This messages is very appropriate for me this evening, as I take a leap towards my passion.

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go......reminds you of a song huh?.....Well, packing didn't come so natural this time around. I found myself procrastinating....even watching TV on my computer...which is very unusual for me! Then it dawned on me that I am packing up to be a world traveler and well it is perfectly normal for my human emotions to be fearful/nervous/and anxious. The good news: The excitement overpowers all of those not so comfortable feelings!!

Tonight the candles are lit and sweet incense is burning as I dedicate these moments in gratitude for having such a wonderful place to call my home for the past 14 months. The Divine Mother Picture of Amma seems to have a special glow....even she is excited for our new adventure!

I'd like to share a spiritual experience I had a few nights ago. I was winding down and treated myself to a bubble bath.....water is very healing and powerful for me! I was playing Deva Premal in the background and had the realization that my sweet soul connection with Coop who has since passed, was so Divinely beautiful because it was like spending that time with God. I believe we are all God and Coop was a channel for me to open my heart and love everyone. I began crying tears of sadness and ultimate joy ( yes it is a strange mixture to experience) when I accepted that Coop came to my life to shed that ray of light and it was time for her to move forward.

The journey has begun my friends.....don't fall asleep and miss it!

Love & Peace,


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