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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Everything Borrowed!


I apologize for the gap between now & my last post, as I having been going through a transition period.

Tonight I attended my very first Bikram Yoga class, hard to believe that I had never sought such a powerful outlet before. I wanted to practice my yoga skills, so I didn't embarrass myself too much in front of Saul David Ray in December. I am looking forward to interacting more with my body and breath. I felt that my bod was saying "it is about time" during the yoga was a very powerful release and with that came an intense sense of peace.

The lesson I believe that has been showing up in all aspects of my life is simply this: Nothing belongs to us, it is all borrowed from the Universe! Over the past few weeks I have gotten the opportunity to be stretched and stripped of all that I once thought was mine. Truth is nothing belongs to me and I must treat everything as a precious gift from the Universe.

It all started when I stated to the Universe that I was willing to sacrifice it all to serve humanity. Be careful what you request from the Universe and be sure you are fully prepared when asking for such a powerful lesson.

I have taken a huge leap of faith and I will share that I have been getting into fear lately. At the moment I have few material items and ownership of things that brings me comfort. In fact I have been removed of so much, that I am beginning to feel a since of loss. The loss may not feel good, but I am entering into a process which will slowly show me what serving humanity is really about.

Hawaii is coming up in just four short weeks and every part of my being is excited for the new adventure!

Let the love and abundance of the Universe flow through every cell of your body!!

Peace & Love!


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