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Friday, October 2, 2009

A Wrong Turn...Is Simply A New Adventure!

Good Evening Everyone....

Tonight I am blogging from Fairfield, California....My friend Jim and I headed for Northern California this evening....except we headed south-east..... Yes, we made a wrong turn and went quite a ways off the planned course. At that point I could have become upset or frustrated, but I just took it as an opportunity to see more and experience a new adventure. We as human's spend so much time planning every minute of life, that when things go differently as often times they do, a state of anger/frustration/and negative energy take over the body. We go into Ego instantly and the spirit is forgotten.

From my own experiences, I have discovered that when one bad thing happens and we dwell on it, we are unconsciously inviting more negative things to occur. This then begins a cycle of negative energy and I feel it is important to awake to the inner spirit and try our best to take every moment as a new and fun adventure. After all where is everyone in such a hurry to go anyways?

I sit here writing in a state of gratitude for the opportunities of growth and experiences that I have been blessed with. I know this trip is the beginning to my travels and I feel a tremendous amount of inner peace as I have faith that each moment will unfold exactly the way it is supposed to be. I encourage you to look around and feel the peace on the idea that everything is in it's perfect place- even the dent on your car.

I am grateful Jim asked me along on this trip and for our wonderful hostess Phyllis. She is quite the personality and she gets around very well for her physical age of 86. I was honored to be of service and help her clean up the dishes after super and I look forward to another visit with her tomorrow!

There is Divine Beauty everywhere and in everything.....we just have to awaken our hearts!

Peace & Love,


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