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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Space Within

1. the unlimited expanse in which everything is located
2. an interval or blank area in text: a space between the letters.

This morning I followed my usual Wednesday
morning work routine, checking my email and then transferring the job postings into a mass email in Constant Contacts. The process is usually pretty easy, but this morning something was up! I began to find myself getting a little frustrated as I proceeded to close some gaps in the text and enjoy my oatmeal. Each time I would close the gaps and save my work, I was left with an extra space! It was too early to judge myself for this technical error, so I called on customer support. I was informed that it was a "Global problem with space" and that they were working to get this fixed as soon as possible.

A few moments later, I found myself reflecting on the words "Global Problem of Space" and I had to laugh! Sure it created a delay in sending out a pretty important email, but it gave me something to contemplate. I recalled watching the video of a spiritual teacher Ron Roth last night and his words of "Create the space within" were lingering inside of me! Ron spoke of this space being within and he shared confidently that it exists in everyone! He went on further sharing that the path that leads to this space is on us to create. As an individual soul filled with Divine spirit, we must create our path to open this space within.

I thought carefully, well it is 2011 the year of many appropriate that there is a "Global Problem of Space". This is the year for expansion and elevating our consciousness, thus expanding the space within. So, what we feel may have been a large enough space to house our Divine connection in 2010, is NOT enough for 2011. Space is expanding to assist us in the connection and transcend us into the Divine. Because the space is expanding itself, all we have to do is jump into the vibration. Smile, laugh, sing, create art, dive into your passion, meditate, dance in the rain, create music, visit with the people you love, study spiritual books, serve others......those are just a few ways that you can build your path and meet the space within!

We are all a piece of the Divine connected through space!

I bow to the space within you - Namaste!

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