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Sunday, June 20, 2010

God Is Love

I allow my heart to expand with love.

Close your eyes and allow the divine goodness in this moment to flow directly into your heart. As you allow the awareness of the moment in, your heart will automatically expand to the necessary capacity in which to house this new love. In every moment there is always a new awareness and particle of love that is yearning to reunite within you. This is obtained by letting go of everything and entering a state of "being". When we are in a state of "being" we are in fact in the center of love.

Love has many forms, yet it is formless. It is everything and nothing all in the same. It is the effortless ache that has driven you to be in this moment. Love is the vibrational frequency that connects us all as one. It is the space held between your heart and mine. It is pure acceptance of all that is and will ever be. It is the vibrant and powerful expression that penetrates within you and radiates effortlessly to the world. Love is the freedom and courage that allows you to stand up and create what you are passionate about.

In love fear does not exist.There is zero separation and everything illuminates as one.
So when asked what is God to me?

My response is quite simple....LOVE.

Infecting you all with love,


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